Semalt Introduces Web Scraper Plus+ And Its Major Advantages

Web Scraper Plus+ is one of the leading and most reliable web harvesting and data extraction software. With this application, you can access the data of a site securely and scrape it as per your needs and requirements. The major advantages of this tool have been discussed below:

1. Crawl different web pages at a time:

One of the most amazing features of Web Scraper Plus+ is that it helps crawl different web pages and saves your time and energy. If you have just developed a site and want to index your content and articles, you can install Web Scraper Plus+ and get prominent results.

2. Machine learning technology:

Web Scraper Plus+ is best known for its user-friendly interface and machine learning technology. This tool easily scrapes data for you and copies the extracted information to CSV or JSON files. You can also copy it to Google spreadsheets or Excel files. Alternatively, you can save the scraped data to Web Scraper Plus+ database or download it to your hard drive for offline uses. In short, Web Scraper Plus+ provides multiple data extraction features and saves precious information in a variety of forms.

3. Scrape PDF files or HTML documents:

Unlike other ordinary data scraping tools, Web Scraper Plus+ can scrape PDF files and HTML documents easily. You can extract data from different HTML files and convert it to readable and scalable form. Web Scraper Plus+ will automatically fix all the minor spelling or grammatical errors in your data always providing accurate and reliable information. You can directly publish scraped content to your site and improve its search engine rankings.

4. Organize different data extraction tasks:

With Web Scraper Plus, you can organize or manage different data extraction tasks at a time. It also helps build contact lists and scrapes information from yellow pages, white pages, directories, e-commerce sites, and discussion forums. You can also target dynamic sites, news outlets and travel portals such as Trivago and TripAdvisor with this service. Web Scraper Plus+ will organize your data extraction tasks and save your time and energy.

5. Obtain data from competitor's sites:

If you want to obtain information from competitors' sites, you must opt for Web Scraper Plus and get your work done in no time. This tool navigates through different websites and makes it easy for you to scrape pricing information, images and product descriptions of your competitor's sites. It automates online marketing and is suitable for both social media marketers and programmers. You just need to have basic knowledge or PHP, Ruby and Python to get benefited from this service.

6. Available in different versions:

Web Scraper Plus is available in both free and paid versions. With its free version, you can scrape up to five thousand web pages, PDF files or HTML documents. Its paid version is suitable for enterprises and professional app developers. It is available in English, and the program can be installed on both Linux and Windows. Web Spider version 5.0 has a file size of 53.78 MB.

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